Get Profitable Niche Ideas Delivered Daily – COMPLETE WITH KEYWORD RESEARCH!

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Every single day, you will receive in your inbox:

*A Niche Idea: Ripe for Exploiting!

*Keyword Research: Search Volume, CPC, and Level of Competition!

*Suggested Affiliate Product: Something you can promote!

Is the task of finding new niches and doing keyword research making you want to tear your hair out?

Or maybe you come up with plenty of profitable niches on your own, but just want to keep tabs on what someone else is digging up
in case it could end up being profitable?

Well, you’re in luck!

One question that is asked over and over in Niche Marketing forums is, “How do you come up with new niches?” or “How do you find a profitable niche?”

I love answering that question, because I’ll be honest with you – coming up with niche ideas and doing keyword research is MY FAVORITE PART OF INTERNET MARKETING!

I’m not lying! It’s so much fun, I love it.

So, it occurred to me – there are a lot of people out there who want niche ideas and keyword research, and I have more niche ideas (along with the keyword research to back them up!) than I could ever develop in one lifetime.
That’s how addicted I am. So why not fill that need?

OK, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What exactly do you get?

When you sign up for Niche Chick, here’s what you will get delivered to you EVERY SINGLE DAY – FOR FREE!!

1) One Profitable Niche Idea – The key word in that phrase is PROFITABLE. Only about one in ten of my initial ideas makes it to the final list. I put each idea through rigorous testing, and if it doesn’t meet my exacting standards of profitability potential, it gets thrown in the garbage heap!
Only the best of the best niches are good enough to be NicheChick niches.

2) Keyword Research to Back it Up – Along with this niche idea every day, you will get a downloadable Excel spreadsheet with complete keyword research for the niche.

The information included on this spreadsheet is:

  • Keyword
  • Monthly Searches according to Google
  • Estimated Cost Per Click (CPC) according to Google
  • Competition Indicators, as determined by Keyword Anchor

3) Suggested Affiliate Product to Promote – Having the CPC included in the keyword research spreadsheet is great for people who like to build content websites and monetize them with Adsense, but what if affiliate marketing is more your thing? Gotcha covered!

Every day you will also receive a related niche product to promote, with a description of the program and how to join it, the commission amount or percentage, and the link to promote it if it’s publicly available (such as a hoplink).

Do you feel like this information, delivered DAILY, free of charge, could help SUPERCHARGE your niche marketing campaigns? I HOPE SO!

2 comments on “Get Profitable Niche Ideas Delivered Daily – COMPLETE WITH KEYWORD RESEARCH!

  1. Gavin says:


    do you sell ad space in your Niche Chick emails?


  2. Melanie says:

    If I were to do that, it would need to be for something that I had used extensively myself and sincerely recommended. You can email me at to discuss it further!

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